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A trip is made three times: when you dream of it, with your imagination on the maps. A second time through the roads, in old buses, waiting for a train in the station, in dusty camp places and beautiful forests. And finally, the third time, a never ending time in you memory, when you face instants that will go on forever and that nobody would ever be able to erase.". Translation from a text by Elisabeth Foch.


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PURA VIDA in Costa Rica

Some interesting facts about the country where the forest touches the ocean and their people greet you wit a Pura Vida!

Protected Areas = 27%
Rainy Season (Jun-Nov)
Dry Season (Dec-May)

Main Airports:

Juan Santamaría Int. Airport (SJO)
Located in Alajuela, Alajuela
Daniel Oduber Int. Airport (LIB)
Located in Liberia, Guanacaste

The country that presumes one of the most dense biodiversities in the world

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San Jose the Capital


As one of the first cities in the world with electric supply, San Jose has always been the Costa Rica development center.

Nowadays one finds an interesting transitions from a vibrant business town, comerce and residence areas to places of great historical and architectonical value.

4.966 km²
1.404.242 inhabitants
335.219 in the city
Rainy Season (Jun-Nov)
Dry Season (Dec-May)
11°C - 28°C

Main Airports:

Juan Santamaría Int. Airport(SJO)
Located in Alajuela, Alajuela

The City of Los Mangos: Alajuela

Whenever booking or arriving into Costa Rica, have you ever heard about a place called Alajuela? Possibly not.

The Juan Santamaria International Airport acronyms are SJO standing for San Jose... Although the airport is not located in that city but in the second most important city of Costa Rica: Alajuela.

Alajuelabelongs to the province with the same name. It' is a city that offers visitors as well as locals a variety of lodging, restaurants, services, historical places, and amazing natural views. A great example of this would be the Poas Volcanoe National Park.

Your Travel Agency Stamos Traveling is proud to call itself an "Alajuelense" business. Our head quarters are located only 5 mins away from the SJO Airport in the city where the Costa Rican National Hero was born.

9.753 km²
848.146 inhabitants
42.975 in the city
Rainy Season (Jun-Nov)
Dry Season (Dec-May)
15°C - 32°C

Main Airports:

Juan Santamaría Int. Airport (SJO)
Located in Alajuela, Alajuela

Villa Bonita
Alajuela, Costa Rica

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