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The huge biodiversity found in Costa Rica, represents a 5% of the world's species of wildlife. More than a 30% of the territory in Costa Rica is covered by the many tropical rain forests, dry forests, cloud forests, wetlands and marine zones; all of them managed and protected by the National System of Conservation Areas. The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) is currently protecting 32 National Parks, 51 Wildlife Refuges, 13 Forest Reserves, 8 Biological Reserves.

Millions of tourists visit Costa Rica every year, looking to enjoy of its natural unique treasures. The country is taking well care of those attractive natural resources, positioning as a world leader in sustainability and ecotourism.

In the past, Costa Rica suffered from an intense deforestation and a big number of forests disappear. However, the country started to apply new conservation policies and by 2016 54% of the forest coverage was increased.

Today, the education is the main tool to make people aware of the importance of conservation.

Sustainable Tourism

The Sustainable Tourism is not possible to achieve until the efforts are focused toward causing a minimum impact on the environment. In order to be sustainable, any activity has to enjoy the current resources but without forgetting the goal of conserving those resources so that future generations can enjoy them as well. Sustainable Tourism is the best option as it is ecologically and culturally focused on including all the parts involved in the development of the activities.

This kind of tourism encourages travelers to visit natural destinations; but with the idea of conserving the environment, the respect of the local culture and the knowledge of a town that works looking for its own development.

As a company that looks into the future, being sustainable is very important for Stamos Traveling CR. We want to be responsible to our people, we find vital to work with the local communities and we look forward reducing our impact on nature contributing with the conservancy in Costa Rica.

Some of the actions that Costa Rica has implemented to achieve a more sustainable tourism industry are:

Certificación de Turismo Sostenible (CST)
Bandera Azul
Código de Conducta
Código de Conducta

How to be greener on a trip:

Your flight

Some airlines allow their passengers to compensate their Carbon Print by acquiring Carbon Credits. For example, Delta and American airlines passengers can go to their websites and calculate their carbon print. Those sites also compare the result on the carbon print for each particular case and calculates the amount of money that can be donated to conservation projects in order to compensate the impact of the flight for that particular person.


By walking at your destination allows you to know amazing places and people, not to mention how good it is for your health. You can also ride a bike and if you are definitely not into that, remember to use the public transportation as trains, metro, buses, etc.

Be green at the hotel

Turn off the AC or use a fan instead, don't turn up the heat too high, save electricity. You can always same electricity by simply turning the light off when you are not in the room. Always choose hotels that have eco practices over those that don't.

Bring your own bottle of water

In 2007, the Pacific Institute found that the amount of oil used in the production of the plastic bottles distributed throughout the USA was enough to feed more than a million cars and trucks for a year.

Lighter luggage

The heavier the luggage is, the more fuel they need to transport it. Keep that in mind when you pack, besides, it's easier and more fun not be worrying about a lot of suitcases when you travel.

Electronic tickets

Nowadays, who prints their boarding tickets when you can have them on your phone!

Buy locally!

Remember to try local products and to buy your souvenirs from local artisans. Also don't forget to use recyclable bags instead of the conventional plastic ones.

Let your electronics sleep when you are

Turn off your electronic devices when you are not using them. That will save you battery and you'll be helping the planet.

Pass the word!

Don't forget to tell your friends about your green trips. You'll multiply the effect.

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